Carnival at Leitz-Park Wetzlar

On the afternoon of February 11th, the current Prince and Princess (Jens and Silke Hilberseimer) of the Wetzlar carnival club visited Leitz-Park. This special visit was full of colourful hustle and bustle and traditional songs. In addition a ceremonial session took place where the attending Executive Board members Alfred Schopf, Ronald Marcel Peters and Markus Limberger awarded a special campaign medal.

Carnival (also Fastnacht, Fasnacht, Fasnet, Fasching, Fastelovend, Fasteleer or fifth season) is the name given to the traditional celebrations that take place in the run-up to the six weeks of lent. The carnival ends at the stroke of midnight on Ash Wednesday and the period of fasting begins which, in Christianity, is the preparation for Easter.

In Germany, particularly around the Rhine, the carnival involves crazy processions, masses of colour, hustle and bustle, and countless people wearing costumes. It’s a similar story in other parts of the world; for example in southern Europe, where they also make a big thing out of the fifth season. Well-known examples include the Venice carnival, the Santa Cruz de Tenerife carnival and the festivities in Cadiz. Also the Rio Carnival is one the biggest and most glamourous festivals in the world.


Prince and princess of the Wetzlar carnival club 2014/2015

Jens and Silke Hilberseimer

The prince and princess have the task of representing and ‘governing’ their club – and town. It has become a tradition for the prince and princess to be accompanied by a royal court, which is a persiflage on the officials of the real nobility. The royal court support the couple in their representative duties and take on organisational tasks.

The prince and princess’s time in office begins on the day of proclamation and is marked by an enthronement (the feathers are inserted, the prince is given the sceptre and princess receives the crown). Officially, the royal couple stay in office until a new prince and princess are named the following year. Their actual time in office ends on Ash Wednesday, however.