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Issue 6/2019

In this issue you’ll discover the fragile beauty of sea creatures, as captured by Jan C. Schlegel with a Leica S, and produced as platinum prints for his series Creatures of the Seven Seas.

Then you can join British photographer Caleb Stein as he explores a small town somewhere in the USA, and enjoys carefree moments in his award-winning, black and white documentary project Down by the Hudson. In addition, Yemen Contraflow brings you a powerful, colour reportage by Alixandra Fazzina that deals with the massive flow of migrants through Djibouti in East Africa. In this issue’s Leica Classics segment, we present a cross-section of images from the ‘Queen of the Leica’, Ilse Bing’s body of work.

In the technical part of the magazine, you’ll find more on the new Leica V-Lux 5, and you can also read and see for yourself how the Leica Q2 deals very effectively when working in low light conditions. 

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One night I was on the beach and it was pitch black. All of a sudden I saw people climbing into a number of boats.
Alixandra Fazzina

In those kind of moments I absorb all the impressions I feel, so as to be able to write about them later. That might not be very typical for a photographer, but I find there are instances that simply can’t be photographed.”

Ambassador Fazzina

In her ambitious long-term project “Yemen Contraflow” Alixandra Fazzina captures counter migration movements that collide in the East African country of Djibouti.

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