In the ‘Illuminated’ campaign, photographers explore cities of the world with the Leica Q

Leica Camera AG presents an interactive multi-content campaign: ‘Illuminated’ is a journey of discovery on which seven photographers each travel to a city that was previously unknown to them with a Leica Q. Each journey – whether to Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney,Berlin, Milan or New York – has its own unique theme, within the bounds of which the photographers create a pictorial portfolio and publish it on the website Their task is to discover the city, its people and culture, and to document what they see from new angles and perspectives. The binding element of the city tours is the Leica Q, which is passed on from one photographer to the next at the end of each stage of the campaign for the next journey of discovery. Photographs of New York City by Hosanna Swee have already been posted and can be viewed from today.

‘The Leica Q enables photographers to spontaneously capture subjects exactly as they are in all photographic situations – from available light and street photography to architecture and landscapes. The seven photographers who explore new cities for the ‘Illuminated’ campaign exploit the entire spectrum of the camera’s functions and capabilities and tell stories that couldn’t be more different in style and content. In combination with curiosity for new experiences, the passion for capturing unforgettable moments in pictures has created exciting visual worlds for everyone who shares the fascination for photography.’, says Steffen Keil, Head of Marketing & Communications at Leica Camera AG.

The ‘Illuminated’ campaign was conceived by VIRTUE, the creative agency of VICE, which is also responsible for the creation and production of the content and the immersive microsite.

Users can already visit and immerse themselves not only in the fascination of New York City, but also see the cities of Singapore (photographer: Tomaso Baldessarini) and Sydney (photographer: Jesse Marlow) as seen through the photographers’ eyes. Further cities will follow during the course of the year.

Press Release - Leica Q Illuminated Campaign

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